Stated Meeting is the 1st Wednesday of the Month at 7:30 PM with a light meal and fellowship at 6:30 PM

Ritual Workshop / Craft Practice is 3rd & 4th Tuesday of the Month at 7:00 PM.

Junior Warden fun night is 2nd Thursday of the Month at 7 PM. This is an event to come and hang out, play cards, pool, or other games. Have a friend that is thinking about joining? Bring him too!



November (2019):

20th - Fellow Craft Degree - Dinner at 6 PM, Lodge will open at 7 PM

21st - Lodge of Instruction - Held at Daleville Lodge, Secretary and Treasurers meeting at 5 PM, dinner at 6 PM and Lodge opens at 7 PM. Open and Closing on the EA degree, ritual work for 2nd half of Master Mason degree. This is a mandatory event for all Lodge Officers.


December (2019):

6th - Actual Past Master's Degree - Dinner at 6 PM, lodge opens at 7 PM. This event is for Past Masters only. Please RSVP to Secretary Jeff Bartel, PM for dinner no later than November 29th.

7th - Open Installation of Officers - Lodge will open at 2 PM and the public will be invited into the lodge for installation.

14th - Master Mason Degree - Breakfast at 8 AM, Lodge will open at 9 AM


January (2020):

None scheduled at this time


February (2020):

None scheduled at this time


March (2020):

None scheduled at this time


April (2020):

None scheduled at this time


Other Lodge Functions: